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Santal Bidroha Sardha Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya
সাঁওতাল বিদ্রোহ সার্ধ শতবার্ষিকী মহাবিদ্যালয়
Affiliated to Vidyasagar University | Govt. Aided College | Established in 2005 | NAAC Accredited 'B+' Grade College

About the College

"The aim of education is not the acquisition of information, although important, or acquisition of technical skills, though essentials in modern society, but the development of that bent of mind, that attitude of democracy which will make us responsible citizens."

Our college Santal Bidroha Sardha Satabarshiki Mahavidyalaya reminds us about the great historical event of Santal Revolt which took place in 1855. The college is fittingly named after the revolt and was established in 2005. It is situated at Goaltore in the district of Paschim Medinipur, a place which is mainly inhabited by SC,ST and other Backward Class people. The college caters to the need of education and enlightenment to the students of the vast adjoining locality. The spontaneous donation and cooperation of the local people, the grants from the MLA,MP, Government of West Bengal and the very dynamic leadership of the Chairman, Center for Advancement of Higher Education, Midnapore have helped in the development of the college. At present the college offers 12 Honours and 17 General courses of study including seven well equipped laboratories. Many subjects have been introduced within a short span of ten years. Our achievent has really been incredible.

The college is affiliated to Vidyasagar University since its inception. From the very beginning the institution is trying to render qualitative education and arouse consciousness among the students in all spheres of life through different academic and co-curricular activities. The college has four units of National Service Scheme (NSS) running in full swing. It is worth mentioning that students of this college regularly represent Vidyasagar University at the State Level, Zonal and National Competitions with success.

Goaltore is the headquarter of Garhbeta Block-II in Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal. It is surrounded with all sides by abundant beauties of nature. The latitude in this area is 22°42’33’’ N, longitude is 87°10’18’’E, and altitude is 234 Feet. The dense forests, the rivulet, the green vegetation, the fascinating sights and sounds of nature really transport the inhabitants of the world of Utopia. Goaltore is like a capital of numerous villages within the radius of 20kms. Besides the college, Goaltore can boast of two High Schools (H.S.), B.D.O. office ,a Block Health Centre, and three nationalized banks, two forest range offices,CRPF office and a few Govt. offices as well as a Police Station. What make Goaltore easily accessible are its communication facilities. It is like a junction where different roads are connected from distant places. There is a road that connects Sarenga from Chandrakona Road via Goaltor. Buses on long routs are abundant. Trekkers are available in plenty connect the remote village even through impenetrable forests. As an inevitable consequences of the same, students by and large, have become commuters and act against their higher studies at minimal expenses. To facilitate easy access to the college some link roads have been made and in course of time they have been transformed into bitumen roads. The main roads connecting Goaltore with Sarenga, Chandrakona Road and Midnapore have been broadened to evade hazards and congestion.